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Baloney Property Rentals Sell Your Property for FREE

Baloney Property Rentals Sell For Free

Once upon a time there was a site called the owners of which also ran a site called The former offering owners who paid a fee the chance to sell their Spanish property, and the latter if they paid a fee the chance to find a bit of how’s your father.

I can only think of two ways these sites could be related, one is a business venture to make money, and the other is the word ‘Where‘ as in “for where fore art thouBaloneo.

Now the internet is awash, nay saturated with sites offering deals to list your rental property. New sites are springing up every day, sending spam emails “list your property but hurry only first 300 listed FREE“. Then, you will discover a squeeze and the request for a few $$s shortly afterwards, or that FREE listing was only for a month.

The internet is not the ‘B’ all and end all in renting and selling property, if you are seriously considering paying a web site to list yours, then ask what promotions they offer other than the internet. I can guarantee very few will answer you truthfully, I have recently experienced this via an unsolicited email I received which I will post later.

So ran a Joomla web site, which is a free software, and used a component called hotproperty a component coded by Mosets. Hotproperty is a pretty basic script, and one I did look at once, but the options and the ease to alter the layout and design without breaking anything was the reason I gave it a miss. The wherepropertysells site was unimpressive, and I’m guessing the attention span for a visitor was in seconds, rather than in minutes. You can find it in the archives way back machine.

So how much did it cost to advertise a property on wherepropertysells
The basic or starter package was €49, allowing you to add a few details about the property BUT no photos
Then it was tiered up to a whopping €549 however as with all WherePropertySells packages the owners were assured there was only a one-off fee and the property would remain on the website until sold!
So lets take a look see how many are listed, and how many are sold
Uh oh, you can almost hear the tumbleweed as it dances across the screen. However I will give credit where due, they did while in existence advertise outside the internet in local Spanish newspapers and on local Spanish radio, although local radio such as talkradioeurope (formerly REM) until the pop group threatened to sue them are a bit of a joke but that’s another story.
Local papers and in particular Roundtownnews are fine if you know of its existence and you are aware it can be mailed to the UK or read online.
So what happened to all those owners who paid to be listed, did they get a refund, did they sell their property, I really don’t know but whatever this is just one of many website failures which hit the internet dust.
Talking of spam emails previously, and I do get many from start up sites this is one email conversation I had with one start up site owner.


Do you want more information on how to SELL or RENT your property fast? Do you want a guaranteed feature on our homepage and get your property seen.
From as little as £2.91 per month you can get:
  • 1 years full listing
  • 6 additional photographs
  • 300 character property summary
  • 600 character description
  • Link to your own website
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Contact form
Get your property out there now!!! We also do special packages for multiple properties.
Please visit overseaspropertylocator and see what we have to offer.
Best regards
Craig and Kelly
Assuring you of our best attention at all times.

Sounds like a typical start-up listing site to which there are hundreds if not thousands, many of which offer free property listings. I like the idea though but before I get too excited can you tell me what media other than the internet you frequently advertise in.

Hi Alan

Thank you for your reply.

We advertise locally in estate agents, frequent adverts in the property section in newspapers both UK and overseas and numerous links to other websites. which proves to be a good source of generating new clients and business.

To make the most of this exclusive offer add your property now and make payment.

Best regards

Craig and Kelly

Assuring you of our best attention at all times.

The reason why I asked is because I failed to find any info on your website with regards to media advertising. I am a regular reader of Daltons weekly, The Costa Blanca News, and the Mail and I can honestly say Overseaspropertylocator is not a name I can ever remember seeing. Can you tell me which papers you regularly advertise in and when was the last advert placed.
I agree £35 is not a great deal of money if the investment gives me more exposure than just a few links on web sites, and an advert in your local Manchester estate agents, which lets be honest in today’s climate you would be better off placing in your local church.

Hi Alan

Thank you for your reply.


We actively market properties through other sources we have as you can see, lots of happy people who believe for the small fee charged they get good value (so go on give us a try).

We have many clients who are completely satisfied with our service and £35 is a reasonable price, so its your choice.

Best regards

Craig and Kelly

Assuring you of our best attention at all times.

Then for some strange reason I receive this email

hi forward more photos of your property
Best regards

Craig and Kelly

Assuring you of our best attention at all times.

I am still undecided, you see I have just discovered you are on shared hosting with Heart Internet on their £2.50 a month plan which probably accounts for the slow speed of the site. I trust if myself and a few others do take out advertising you will look into improving your hosting plan. Your present bill of £30 a year is less than what you are asking off me, so maybe you can give that some thought.
Also I have noticed you only have a Google page rank of 0 that’s Zero. Well it doesn’t get any worse than that, and if you know SEO page rank can and often does influence search results, especially as it appears you need to rely on search engines and link backs.
That brings me onto another point, after checking Google your site returned a total of 571 results only

Taking an example of one of the free sites I advertise on which has a page rank of 2 that’s Two, I found it returned a total of 51,200 results
I hope I am not boring you with my indecisiveness but look at it this way.
If a total stranger was to approach you in the street and ask for £35 would you hand it over without question

hi thanks again for your reply and again i would  say we may not have rankin g at moment but we are obviously doing something right because we have plenty of hits !! so how would you explain that ?? anyway bottomline if you have placed your property with daltons and other clasifieds and as you are saying better websites why are you still srtuggling to sell ?? your property therfore must be in bad location or overpriced or in bad repair ???
so i thankyou for your interest and ask you again to send more photos and pay or small fee of £35 and see reslts for yourself as other people have done !!!
Best regards

Craig and Kelly

Assuring you of our best attention at all times.

Well ok I didn’t really want to get into a technical discussion, and I have no idea how long you have been a webmaster but I wish you people would stop shouting HITS. You see hits mean nothing. Lets take your index page, and lets say it has 100 graphics and icons, there might also be 10 java script files, then those plus your page file will register 111 hits on the server. Those hits can be caused by non humans, for instance web crawlers and bots. A crawler can register 1000’s of hits in seconds, even hot linked files will register hits.
What you need to look at are Unique Visitors, maybe you could sent me a log file, you can download it in cpanel and attach it to the next email.
Also your index page has a lot of hidden spam links on the footer which link to the same content, that is a big NO NO and very amateurish, search engines can penalize you for using such techniques did you know that?
Now you say why did I place my property in Daltons and other classifieds, I never said I did, I said I am a regular reader, which brings me to the my final points.

Where did you get my email address from, because your original email was unsolicited, some call it spam. I have never contacted you prior to these emails, and it would be interesting to know where you harvested it from.

Finally my property is for NOT FOR RENT and it is NOT FOR SALE, and why do you ask me to send more photo’s I haven’t even registered at your site.
ALL this is in reply to your initial unsolicited email.


Assuring you of  MY best attention at all times.


And so the Assuring you of our best attention at all times. ends there. The persistence to grab my £35 not that I had any intention of throwing that amount down the drain had left them exhausted. You only need a few unknowing souls to part with £35 and your onto a very nice earner thank you, but as demonstrated in this case a few simple questions and the truth will, or should win over the baloney.
Their final reply was more than likely a true reflection of the characters we are dealing with, forget the best attention at all times spin. The request for external media advertising fell on deaf ears, the request for proof of unique visitors fell on deaf ears.
What you will read is because I mentioned I read the Daltons Weekly, this start up guy assumed my property is in bad repair and overpriced.
So apparently the moral is according to this guys reply is, no matter what, never tell anyone you read Daltons Weekly if you want to rent or sell your property so go figure.

For the record and for the attention of all you baloney spammers, I am very happy living in my property.
Just because I own a property rental site doesn’t mean my property is for sale and neither does it mean it’s for rent.

Baloney Gone Bad

Baloney Detected

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