Real Estate Agents in the Costa Blanca Closing Down Every Day

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Each and every day, another tomb stone is posted for another real estate company on the Costa Blanca. Wasted money on street front locations, zippy cars and luxury lunches has taken the “real” out of real estate agencies and replaced it with “dead”. Well, as many in the game say, perhaps that is a good thing as there were too many players anyways!

This could be true statement, however, that doesn’t mean that the game has gone away forever. In this period of recession, smart real estate agents are taking this down turn to re-educate themselves with marketing on the Internet. The Internet environment has become the new play ground for finding quality buyers. Social media websites like Facebook are perfect locations to build relationships with old clients, while chatting with possible new clients.

Todays real estate agents have now moved their offices into their homes and are learning how-to build their own websites, take their own photos, film their own videos and most importantly, market their listings over the Internet.

These are some of the tips:
Because Facebook is all about sharing digital information with friends, you need to add friends to your Facebook network. You might start with finding your old clients on Facebook, or you might want to find old school chums, which is easy to do on Facebook. Once you have built your network, Facebook makes it very easy to share photos and links to your business and generate interest on your properties.

Facebook also lets you build a profile page and this is where you can do some fabulous marketing as well. Post a link to your real estate website and add all of your contact information. Then post photographs of the zone where you live with beautiful beach shots and sunbathing. These types of photographs will entice your network to check out your profile and tell others. The more attractive your profile, the easier it is on the eyeballs!

Facebook is full of groups that you can join or you can create a group for yourself. If you want to niche and really get some free marketing working for yourself, create a group called Javea Homebuyers or Calpe Residences – or something that targets the area where you have your properties. Then, keep posting interesting data, details and of course properties that are associated with this group theme. By becoming a group leader, you leverage yourself as an expert and people trust experts!

Increasing your exposure on Facebook will maximize your exposure on other social networks and bookmarking sites like Twitter, which are growing increasingly important to small businesses. Real estate is unique in the fact that it is already a network dependent business, so getting out there and roping off your corner of the market will be based on first come and first served.

The old saying, “snooze you loose” applies in this game, so if you don’t know what you are doing on the Internet, I don’t really think that you can wait until the economic ball is rolling in money again, to get that street front office opened up. The winners will be the ones who have already become friends with their possible clients before they even hit the coast. DIY Computer Training saves time, money and empowers you to build bigger, better and more powerful businesses.

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