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Smart Clients Are The Best Clients
If you take the time to educate your prospects ahead of time, once they become an actual client, they’ll be your BEST clients. You may be in a profession that you think people will recognize clearly what you are offering just by simply rattling off your job title. Lawyers, Chiropractors, Coaches, and Accountants come to mind. But if you are a lawyer, a chiropractor, a coach, or an accountant, or whatever you are, do your prospects REALLY know what it is that you do, the problems you solve, and the benefits you offer to those that work with you? There are as many different kinds of lawyers as there are stars in the sky.

Why The History Of Platypus Should Be Taught In School
An original game created before its time, Platypus was the work of one Anthony Flack of Squashy Software who wanted to produce a shooter with a stylized Claymation “look and feel”. After years of hard work and struggle on the title, he will never be entitled to any of the profits earned by the smash game that was originally released in 2002. A victim of intellectual property theft that should serve as a warning to us all, and a horror story come to life. It started as all games do, with an idea.

Deserted shopping mall bleak symbol of Fed bailout
A $29 billion trail from the Federal Reserve’s bailout of Wall Street investment bank Bear Stearns ends in a partially deserted shopping center on a bleak spot on the south side of Oklahoma City. The Fed now owns the Crossroads Mall, a sprawling shopping complex at the junction of Interstate highways 244 and 35, complete with an oil well pumping crude in the parking lot — except the Fed does not own the mineral rights.

Keller Williams Realty Realtor Career Training: SHIFT – Tactic 11: Distressed Properties: Listing Short Sales
Keller Williams University’s Realtor Career Training: SHIFT – Tactic 11: Distressed Properties: Listing Short Sales Based on SHIFT’s Tactic 11, this easy-to-read guide helps you enter into and succeed in the business of listing short sales. The course covers distressed property market conditions, becoming the local economist, mindsets of the players in the market, lead generation and qualifying short sale candidates, the stages of the short sale listing process, and how to work successfully with buyer agents and lenders to get offers that are accepted and contracts that close.

Man Arrested For Being Naked At Home
Eric Williamson says he just wanted to make some coffee and start his day.  Fairfax County police say that he was intentionally displaying himself.  Either way you look at the issue, a man got arrested for being naked in his own home .   He faces up to a year in jail and a $2,000 fine, and the police department faces embarrassment and a civil lawsuit in return. Here’s my take on the issue.  He was in his own home at 5:30 in the morning.  She was either walking down the sidewalk or, as he says he was told in a Fox News interview yesterday , trespassing on his property by walking through his yard.

The Story of Box Sash Windows
Sash windows in the form of very basic timber shutters have a history dating back as far as the thirteenth century as very simple timber sliding shutters. In the sixteenth century glazed sash windows started to appear, these windows sliding horizontally. Vertical glazed sash windows would not appear until the mid seventeenth century and it is believed they originated in France.
When the nobility came to England (in asylum from the guillotine!) they brought with them new ideas and designs of the more sophisticated vertical sliding sash windows across the Channel.
The first recorded glazed sliding sash window was installed for the Queen Mother who had just returned from France with a highly skilled French joiner who pushed for the complete renovation of Somerset house in London.
The development of the sliding sash window is not very clear and numerous theories circulate. It is commonly believed that a weighted and balanced version was actually invented in England.
The original vertical sliding sash windows would have been very heavy with thick bars separating the tiny glass panels due to the fact that the glass was so thin, the window would have been a difficult window in its function.

Doors of past had been counter balanced in a similar way of today’s sash windows, exactly who and when the system was applied to the sash window is unknown.
The sash window has never been patented nor has anybody throughout history has ever claimed to be its inventor.
As glass manufacturing advanced sash windows started to have less glazing bars but it was not until the King of England ended taxation based on how much glass you had in your windows that the glass in sash windows became larger.
During the period of British history when glass taxation existed, it was a great sign of extreme wealth and prestige to have large glazed windows in ones home.

Homes Sales Rise
More news from the UK property market from Dibben and Dibben as property sales in the UK picked up over the summer, according to figures from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Sales rose from 80,000 in August to 82,000 in September. More significantly, sales in the third quarter of the year, covering July to September, were 11% higher than in the previous three months. The figures on property sales from the Revenue chime with those published this week by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML).

Records: Mayor Bing gets health insurance, taxes withheld – The Detroit News
Records: Mayor Bing gets health insurance, taxes withheld The Detroit News City rules require the City Council to approve all gifts, so Bing has asked the council to pass a resolution accepting the money. .. Read this article: Records: Mayor Bing gets health insurance, taxes withheld – The Detroit News

Proven Termite Solutions – Try Just Things That Work
International termite attacks present a big issue for property owners in different parts of the world. The families might unnoticeable step in the garden and also the building in the property, nicely configured and their activities could go unnoticed for a large time. A few termite solutions that will help people kill the pest or secure your garden efficiently are told down here in order to aid those around you understand what method is the best for your type of requirements.

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