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[ OakLeaf Systems ] From social-networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook to the mini-blogging service Twitter and other blog sites like WordPress, people are putting photos, resumes, personal diaries and other information in the cloud. Some people don’t even bother to read the fine print in agreements that allow them onto a site, even though some agreements clearly state that anything posted becomes the property of the site itself.
Bottom of the
You could start a club this winter for elite closers whose blown saves sent their teams to early ends. Jonathan Papelbon, Huston Street, and Joe Nathan can start a therapy group. Or maybe they just need one more to make a golf foursome. What people are forgetting is that Mariano Rivera could join that group. Rivera’s hall of fame credentials and consistency over so many years have softened the sharp facts that he, too, has several high profile blown saves in his career. Take a look at 1997.
Investors are hip to start-up ‘lies’
When marketing their start-ups, entrepreneurs will naturally seek to put their companies in the best possible light. Investors are a cynical lot, however, and there are a number of “red flags” which every potential investor unconsciously listens for in elevator pitches, business plans, and executive presentations, notes Martin Zwilling, CEO and founder of Startup Professionals, Inc., and managing partner of Southwest Software Ventures and Consulting.
“Home Run” strategies for
Just a few technologies out of the thousands patented and licensed each year account for 95% of the revenues generated by research commercialization activity. In your entire portfolio, there may be one or two technologies that could become part of this select group — a “home run” that delivers big royalty or equity dollars for years to come. These elusive big winners, regardless of the market or type of product, almost always share one common characteristic — they are disruptive technologies that are game-changing in their space.
JOB VACANCY LOWONGAN KERJA JAKARTA S1 FINANCE & ACCOUNTING STAFF Agung Sedayu Group is Indonesia’s well known property developer, with premier retail, commercial and residential properties in its portfolio. With experience over 25 years in its industry, Agung Sedayu Group keeps on developing the best properties in strategic locations with great investment value for the customers. With […]
Zend Framework
L’équipe de Zend Framework vient de mettre à disposition la release 1.9.4. Cette version est la quatrième version de la série 1.9.4 de Zend Framework. Vous pouvez télécharger ZF 1.9.4 depuis le site du Zend Framework . Release Notes – Zend Framework – Version 1.9.4 Pour plus d’infos sur cette mise à jour, consulter la Release Notes ci-dessous.
By Cara Sulieman THE OFFICER in charge of the investigation into the disappearance of missing Samantha Wright last night revealed police would not be carrying out any further searches at the scene – until they worked out exactly what they had found at Magdalene Drive. Chief Inspector Paul Bullen said that experts were working on establishing the identity of the human remains and how they died.   “Experts examining remains” He said: “At this moment we don’t know whether the remains are male or female or what the cause of death might be.
Are you a Twitter ‘power user?’ Would you like to be? A blogger named “Partho” offers these tricks and tips for taking your experience beyond the typical Twitter usage and making every tweet ‘magic’: Socialoomph : This tool offers a host of automation features including scheduling tweets, tracking keywords on Twitter, saving and re-using drafts, URL shortening, and a personal status feed. It automatically follows those who follow you and un-follows those who un-follow you.
The University of Missouri system is enhancing its IP marketing efforts with the hiring of what it hopes will be the first of several marketing specialists dedicated to specific technology spaces. Anthony Harris was hired on July 1 to provide marketing services for medical devices and technologies developed on the system’s four campuses. The system office also hopes to add marketing professionals in the life science and engineering fields in support of the campus tech transfer offices.
Direct marketing firm EU Services says that PURLs, or personalized web landing pages, can be much more effective than more traditional marketing campaigns. While direct mail packages typically generate response rates of less than 1% (with rates of 2% to 3% considered stellar), PURL-based campaigns can hit returns of 20% to 30%. The approach uses direct mail to drive prospects to the personalized pages or uses the PURL as a follow-up to event attendees or others previously identified.

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