Orvas Hotels AVOID Villa Dane Hvar Croatia Vacation Rental

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Description of accommodation
Orvas Hotels AVOID
In the peaceful western part of Hvar town, 50 metres from the sea and small, pebble beaches, are the Hvar vacation villas – four newly-built holiday villas, each with a private garden and outdoor pool.
A pleasant 15-minute walk along the shore will bring you to Hvar town centre. Like four elegant ladies, Hvar vacation villas have been fitted out with the most attractive, modern furniture, yet each is individual. They are named after elegant ladies remembered from childhood, as a permanent reminder of them and their goodness.
Each of the Hvar vacation villas has two floors and can accommodate eight people comfortably. The villas are ideal for family holidays or groups of friends.
Hvar Hotel Pharia is close by, with its reception and other facilities. The helpful Hvar Hotel Pharia reception staff are on call 24 hours a day to listen to your needs and fulfil your requests.
Villa Dane is spacious and consists of a kitchen/dining area/sitting room, four double rooms, four bathrooms and a terrace.
On the ground floor there is a large, open-plan kitchen/dining area/sitting room, with French windows opening onto the covered part of a private garden, with garden furniture, which leads to the private outdoor pool.
In addition to the inside stairs, you can reach the first floor terrace from the garden, by steps leading up from the garden.

To make your stay in Hvar vacation Villa Dane on Hvar Island as pleasant as possible, the Hvar vacation villa has been equipped with air-conditioning, satellite TV, hi-fi, a direct telephone line and free Internet connection.
To protect your peace and privacy, Hvar vacation Villa Dane is only available as a complete unit, with garden and pool.Hvar Island seems to have a soul, a tangible aroma combining lavender, sage, rosemary, heather, mint, myrtle, thyme and countless other herbs which thrive in its soil, making it the Mediterranean’s largest botanical garden.

The blessings of nature and favourable historical circumstances have made the area around Hvar Island a particularly fascinating part of the Adriatic coastline.

From the earliest signs of human habitation to the present day, it has benefitted from the influence of different civilisations, which have created layer upon layer of cultural history. Hvar Island today, though small, is dotted with enduring symbols and covered in a closely-woven network of historical monuments.
Hvar Island enjoys more days of sunshine than any other in the Adriatic and since the dawn of history has been the inspiring refuge of many peoples, from early Neolithic Mediterranean builders, the Hellenists who settled the towns of Hvar (particularly in the city of Pharos), the Romans, who built its harbours and towns, to the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque eras, when the island became a shining example of spiritual and artistic progress.

In recent times, Hvar Island has again featured on the Mediterranean cultural map, and has become an elite summer resort. No wonder then that Traveller magazine rated it among the 10 most beautiful islands in the world.
Hvar Island seems to have a soul, a tangible aroma combining lavender, sage, rosemary, heather, mint, myrtle, thyme and countless other herbs which thrive in its soil, making it the Mediterranean’s largest botanical garden. This is an island bursting with life, its vegetation, rocks and sea reflecting every ray of sunlight. This is an island where the Sun feels at home.

Physical sensations are taken onto the plane of dreams and enjoyment is as deep as the sea. You do not need to travel far to experience life at its fullest – just sail from cove to cove around Hvar.
Hvar Island is proof that the best dreams can come true, or rather, the real world can seem like a dream.

Title of Listing: Villa Dane
Country: Croatia
State/County/Province: Dalmatia
Town: Hvar
Type of Rental: Villa
Bedrooms: 4
Sleeps up to: 8
Bathrooms: 4
Features: Swimming pool, Air Conditioning, Sea View, Satellite Tv, Internet
Low Season: 273 EUR
High Season: 602 EUR
Discounts if any: None Offered

Orvas Hotels Villa Dane Hvar Croatia Villa Rental

Orvas Hotels Villa Dane Hvar Croatia Vacation Rental

As per terms of the listing I am waiting for this company to place the link back code on their website. Afterwards full contact details will be made available. If they do not place the link back code then this listing will be marked as Avoid untrustworthy!
Well after sending them an email reminding them of the listing requirements they did nothing more than ignore it. It seems they are quite happy posting their shit on other websites, but don’t like it on theirs.
If this self please, higher than mighty attitude is what your looking for in a couldn’t care less Holiday Company then use Orvas Hotels. Maybe if you do use them, then just  ignore all their rules and just do as you please. If they complain about you wrecking the room just point them out to this post. I really do despise these companies that give the holiday industry a bad name.

Orvas Hotels AVOID Villa Dane Hvar Croatia Vacation Rental

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