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Villa holidays offer you the freedom to explore

Villa holidays offer you the freedom to explore

Holiday time may be several months away, and you may be starting to think about where and what might be the perfect holiday this year – the beach, a golfing holiday, fishing, hunting, maybe just visiting museums and art galleries, but you start to think about the places you have been before, and the problems you have had. You cannot forget the time you went on holiday and discovered the pictures in the travel brochure were exaggerated. You try and fail trying to find the spot where the photographer stood to obtain such a shot. There was also the time the people above you were loud and obnoxious, and destroyed the reason you had taken a holiday in the first place — to find peace and quiet so you could relax and take things easy. If only you could have the comforts of your home magically transported to your fantasy destination, then you could have had the perfect holiday.

Well, your dream arrangement is possible – you just have to look at holiday property rentals and pick a secluded log cabin, a villa by the sea and stop thinking hotels, boarding houses and holiday resorts. If you’ve never tried a holiday rental, there is a whole world of opportunities out there, just waiting to be discovered.
Lots of people have holiday homes or mobile homes they only use for part of the year. Many of these people rent out their places when they know they are going to be vacant. The process is a little different than just checking into a hotel, but the principle is the same – only you get to use a building or a set of rooms where you are able to be independent, for the length of your holiday. Normally hotel, and holiday resort rooms are relatively small. So things can be a squeeze, particularly if you have children, or if are there or two couples who always holiday together.

By renting a holiday home you will have lots of space, some privacy, and you may be able to enjoy some luxury you don’t have under your own roof. You can find holiday rentals of practically all kinds, practically anywhere in the country or for that matter even the world. There are literally thousands of solutions available, private homes, holiday homes, apartments, log cabins, mobile homes etc and available for holiday rentals. The facilities available in these holiday rentals range from basic to pure luxury.

There are also holiday rental businesses around the world acting as agents for owners. Many of these agents have listings in Europe, USA, Australia etc. They are really just booking agents, but they can furnish you with information on a huge number of properties in a large number of locations. It would be hard not to find a holiday rental in your chosen destination.
Most rental websites can easily be found on the internet using a search engine where you can browse the holiday rental listings by owners. Most websites that cater to the holiday property rental industry, will have a full inventory of what a particular property has to offer to the holidaymaker and most of those listings contain several photographs, including interior and exterior shots.

Many holiday home rentals can be found near the center of major tourist areas, such as the Costa’s in Spain or Disney World in Florida, but the majority will not be too far away from a sandy beach. Other types of holiday rental homes can be found in places such as the Welsh valleys or the highland glens of Scotland
Let’s say you are thinking about taking the family to Switzerland for a weeks skiing or snowboarding. A short search on the Internet will give you a sizable list of websites offering resorts or hotels to choose from, but are there any vacancies and if so at what cost!
There are hundreds of Swiss holiday chalets available. You can access descriptions and photographs of many of these on the web, and in some case contact the owner direct. I wonder if the rates advertised are negotiable?

Finding exactly the right sized holiday rental with the desired amenities, for the price you are willing to pay will take some searching. You should really take the time to decide what kind of a place you are looking for, any activities you may require, and how many people will be going with you. Of course even in the off season in skiing resorts, holiday rentals are still available.
With a holiday rental you get more space and special amenities compared with a conventional hotel, motel or resort. The cost per square foot is usually less, but the amount of space is usually more. You have more privacy, but you will probably have to do your own cooking and wash your own dishes. As with everything else, you have to decide how you want to spend you time and your money – what do you value and how much is it worth to you?

Choosing and booking the right holiday home may require some thought, but that time is well spent. Compared to the hotel experience, a holiday rental property is an excellent option you should consider for your next holiday. It might create that perfect memory you have been looking to achieve for your family.
Suppose, instead of skiing in the Swiss alps, you are interested in a week at the beach, a weekend in the country, or a week following your favourite sporting event. You will always find a property rental which will offer you the freedom to explore. Just don’t leave it too late for the World Cup!.

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