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At the heart of the Costa Blanca, within the region of Valencia lies an ancient fishing village, now a tourist magnet by the name of Calpe. Calpe sits in an ideal location, easily accessed by the A7 motorway and the N332 that runs from Valencia to Alicante.
The rock of Calpe officially known as the Penon de Ifach is a natural monument of enormous proportions. Protruding out to sea, it is the largest rock formation of the Mediterranean with a stone cliff some 332 meters high.
Since 1930 it has been one of Spain’s most visited tourist locations, and every year over 100,000 people try to make the summit. Once seen you will never forget this piece of rock. Just the enormity of it will leave you with an everlasting impression.
This overwhelming symbol of the Costa Blanca is Calpe’s most precious treasure It’s believed that the rock was formed by a rock slide from the nearby mountain the Sierra Olta. The ever expanding town of Calpe now spreads both sides of the Penon de Ifach.

Calpe Penon de ifache

Calpe Penon de ifache

Apart from the impressionable views, the Penon de Ifach was declared a protected natural environment in 1987 after being classed as a premier ecological area.
Is is estimated that over 400 species of horticultural plants are to be found, as well as being the habitat for wildlife. The humid zone of the rock also attracts a wide variety of marine life around it’s sea base.
Reaching the top of the Ifach (if your game) is a lovely experience. There is a route up a steep, but safe mountain path, which will take you approx 2 to 3 hours to reach the summit (give or take a breather).
You are advised never to leave the marked path in order to stay within the “Safe Zone” The wearing of appropriate footwear is obviously essential, for one they will lessen the chance of you slipping, and two your feet won’t suffer too much. So no open toed sandals or slippers!
The dangerous zones are for the physically fit who are experienced in mountain climbing.
The reward and adrenalin rush on reaching the top is great. It will tire you, but it’s very well worth the experience. The incredible views are awe inspiring with a panoramic sight of the Costa Blanca coastline, and as an added bonus the island of Ibiza is also visible.

Calpe has a wonderful mixture of old Valencian culture and the modern tourist trappings, which perfectly harmonize and provide an ideal base from which to explore the local area or enjoy it’s many beaches. Calpe alone has three of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the coast. The surrounding coastline of Calpe’s Ifach is a unique spectacle.
La Fossa which is on the northern side of the rock and El Arenal which is on the south side are beaches which are great for relaxing or family fun, and have the most advanced services, lined with a promenade. There are also some interesting coves like Les Bassetes, which is a privileged place for scuba divers, and the lovers of aquatic water sports.

Calpe has 13 kilometers of coastline with beaches and coves, ideal for bathing and the practice of various beach and water sports.
El Collao and Gasparet Coves: each 100m long and only accessible by sea.
Les Urques Cove and Puerto Blanco Beach: 200m long, situated in the development of the same name.
Arena-Bol Beach: 2000m long, awarded a Blue Flag. Situated in the town centre.
Cantal Roig Beach: 200m long, awarded a Blue Flag. Situated next to the fishing harbour.
El Racó Cove: 150m long, situated at the foot of the Peñón de Ifach.
Del Penyal Cove: 100m long, situated on the northern slope of the Peñón de Ifach, accessible along a small path.
Levante or La Fossa Beach: approximately 2000m long, awarded a Blue Flag. Situated in the north of the Peñón de Ifach.
Calalga Cove: 100m long it is situated right after the Levante Beach.
Del Mallorquí Cove: 100m long, it is situated near the Les Bassetes marina.
Les Bassetes Cove: 100m long, situated in the marina of the same name.

The fishing harbour of Calpe

The fishing harbour of Calpe

The Harbour and the ruins
Located next to the Penon de Ifach is Calpe’s traditional fishing harbour. Around the harbour is a multitude of restaurants and a fish market where they obtain fresh catches daily. The variety of seafood cuisine can be had in hundreds of recipes, but everything is first class quality and freshness.

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